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Finding the right solar panel provider for your home can be a confusing and tedious process. Residential and commercial solar energy is a relatively new industry in Canada and it can be difficult knowing where to turn to for reliable information!

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Take responsibility for your environment and say goodbye to polluting energy sources! It’s time to become self-sufficient and make an investment into solar energy! Solar cells are known to be a fantastic investment for your home, saving you money on your electricity bill and giving you the ability to sell any extra solar power left over!

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Frequently asked about solar panels

Are solar panels environmentally friendly?

Using solar energy to power your home is very environmentally friendly. Solar panels do not emit carbon dioxide or anything else that can be toxic to the atmosphere. At the same time, installing solar panels in your home replaces the use of other polluting energy sources.
This means that by switching to solar energy you can help the environment in a positive way. You will be replacing the toxic sources of energy such as fossil fuel for pure, clean solar energy.
Some countries are known for using less sustainable energy sources, such as China. However in Canada, solar energy development has reached a point where there are usually no major pollutants associated with the production of solar cells. Any pollution that is created is usually offset by the relatively long manufacturing and operating process of solar panels.
Today’s solar panels are more efficient, sleeker and effective than ever before.

Is this service really free?

Absolutely! We do not charge for this service at all. You are under no-obligation to go through with a purchase with any of the companies if your needs are not met!
We are a company founded on the belief of positively impacting the environment and shifting Canada towards more sustainable energy sources.
We simply connect you with trusted, top rated solar energy providers.

How much space is required?

A regular sized home is more than enough roof space for solar cells to produce the energy needed for a family’s electricity needs. Common solar panels require about 6-7 meters per kW. Therefore, for an average system of 5kW, you must estimate around 30-40 square meters of surface area needed.
Typical villa roofs are usually over 100 square meters, so there is plenty of room for all the equipment need.